CrossLab — Sensory Shopping

Investigating the power of senses, shopping and new media

Design Assignment

There is a new company that sells luxury soap products in Rotterdam.
They have a store that is 10m x 10m.
The soap is not the important part of the store, but rather, the owner would like a concept of how you will use new media inside the store to create a new sensory shopping experience.
How will you create an environment that is able to stimulate the senses, when the actual product is not there? What devices will you use in the location to express the sensory aspects of the products to be sold? Any and all ideas and concepts are welcome. Think beyond the monitors that are already everywhere in
Bijenkorf….I expect more than just a moving picture, but something a bit more interactive, and sensory.

You will use your research collected on your blog as your basic starting point.

  • What information did you find about sensory experiences?
  • What interesting ideas did you notice?
  • How are these experiences related to shopping? Can they be?
  • How can you use the collected research, combined with your experience assignments, to create a new scenario?

Then, collect some information about different kinds of soap products:

  • what does it feel, smell, taste, sound, look like?
  • what is your experience with this product?
  • how can you make use of this to your advantage?

Finally, what media will you use?

  • ipod or podcasts?
  • mobile, MMS?
  • laptops?
  • Wii, Nintendo?
  • internet connections?GPS?
  • how will you use these?
  • What can they do, how do they create experiences in a sensory way?

Your concept will be developed into a PowerPoint presentation, and then (in term 4) into a working model. You are not expected to be a new media expert, but are expected to be a designer who is comfortable making proposals and concepts using new media.


2 Responses to “Design Assignment”

  1. lizadikkerboom said

    Hoi Arno,
    Ik heb mijn ppt erop gezet alleen wel opgeslagen in 2003, want uit 2004 kan ik niet kiezen.
    Ik hoop dat het zo goed is en anders hoor ik het wel.
    Gr Liza

  2. nicky87blog said

    Arno! mijn powerpoint komt eraan! ik had wat probleempjesmet pdf… moet eerst iets downloaden…

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