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What’s with the rabbit?

Posted by arno -- CrossLab on March 23, 2008

392px-alice-white-rabbit.jpgNot that I am a fan of their product, but this add seems to be addressing what we are talking about in our assignments and on our blogs. Douwe Egbert’s new advertising campaign is called The World of Black.

Do you dare? Blindfolded even? I think they should have done the ad campaign in Dudok, myself…

I’m guessing the white rabbit is a reference to Alice? Or is it a reference to the old fable that I learned in Canada while sitting around the campfire? (oh, and it does work…).

Now that you guys are experts on blindfolded sensory experiences, what do you think? Comments anyone?


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Haptics over distance: Touch on the internet

Posted by arno -- CrossLab on February 19, 2008

An interesting article from Science Daily, an online magazine devoted to technology and other science stuff.  It seems that virtual reality is on its way to allowing us to experience touch through our machines.

Why do I blog this? 

In some cases, maybe this is a good thing.  Medical applications allowing for long distance surgery emphasize the benefits of this kind of technology.  However, it also seems like it could have many useless and mundane purposes, which have only to do with personal gratification.  See for example, the HugMe Shirt.

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