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‘A’ is voor aardappel…

Posted by arno -- CrossLab on March 30, 2008

These are the results from today’s experiment: Unfortunately I no longer have the results from Tuesday’s class, but I took their advice and changed the assignment just a bit. Thanks to 3DC’s advice, about not letting the first blindfolded person NOT see what they are eating. It works much better.

Rosalie Nancy 1 2 Laurette Nadine 2 0
Cerinte Mariette 2 1 Rianne Dorian 4 0
Merel Emma 3 2 Eefje Maaike 3 2
Luca Arno 3 1 Pauline Roos 3 1
Wouter Rachel 2 2 Melissa Sanne 1 1
Mariska Nona 4 1 Laura Pauline 1 0
Cayan Anne 2 2 14 4
Esther Martine 3 0
20 11

What does this data mean?


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Digital menus?

Posted by arno -- CrossLab on March 18, 2008

I take the train quite a bit here in the Netherlands and there’s always something interesting to read in the free papers that litter the seats from the morning rush. Today, in the metro, I read an interesting bit over the transition many restaurants are making towards the digital waiter, or menus.

The article (in dutch) discusses the trend towards a digital screen at your table in the restaurant where you can select your dining choices by simply pressing the screen and voila! it arrives at your table. No more waiter.

Why do I blog this?

I find this a disappointing trend, since the personal touch of discussing your choices with a waiter (and asking what’s good today) are on the verge of extinction. But the article is interesting because it opens lots of new ground to visual merchandising students…how do you communicate the taste of the beef sirloin on an internet screen? How can you display that the fish is truly tasty, with a hint of lemon and coriander to tickle your palette? Things to consider in this class as we move forward…

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