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The real batman

Posted by arno -- CrossLab on April 18, 2008

I found this today at the Volkskrant. This in relation to our experiments with walking through Rotterdam with blindfolds and earplugs. This guy has developed a most amazing method of finding his way around, even though he’s completely blind.

Definitely worth a look….


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Jeff Healey will be missed

Posted by arno -- CrossLab on March 3, 2008
A great Canadian musician whose unique style of playing will certainly be missed. Jeff used to have a small blues club in Toronto at the corner of Queen and Bathurst which was a great place to see lots of live blues and jazz bands.

Why do I blog this?

I post this here not because he was a great musician, or a Canadian icon, but because he was blind almost his entire life, yet that didn’t stop him from mastering the guitar in his own unique way, developing a truly unimitable style without the use of vision. He’s not the first musician to excel with one of his key senses missing: think of Stevie Wonder, or even Beethoven, and what they also achieved, being blind and deaf, respectively.

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